Sit on, step on, or wrap your body.

Everyone can easily experience Mitsui Onnetsu Therapy starting today.


The efficacy expectations of CAON are;

  1. relieve fatigue
  2. improve blood circulation
  3. reduce muscle fatigue
  4. relieve muscle stiffness
  5. reduce pains such as muscular pain and neuralgia
  6. activate gastrointestinal condition

CAON can heat large area of the body at once.
Anyone can use it easily.

6 Features of CAON


  1. FIR(Far Infrared Rays)
    CAON resonates with the body wave and warm up the body thoroughly.
  2. Flexible and strong:
    Fabric material of the mat is laminated with waterproof resin.
  3. FFC(lmmune processed)
    The latest FFC technology minimizes the chemical antagonism.
  4. Low cost
    With high power-conversion-efficiency, heating cost per hour is only 2 JPY when the power consumption is lOOW.
  5. No need to worry about electromagnetic wave
    CAON is designed to meet the global standard of EMC (electro magnetic compatibility).
  6. Easy to control the temperature:
    It is easy to adjust the temperature with the control unit.


Brand Name
Carbon Surface Heating Onnetsu Mat CAON
Medical Device License No.
General Designation
Heat therapy equipment for home use
Electric Power
100V/220V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Max. 101W
Off in 8 hours
Outer dimensions
Control unit : W61xD161 xH29(mm)
Heating unit : W390xD1030xH8(mm)
Control unit : approx.400g
Heating unit : approx.1300g

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