About us

We, Mitsui Onnetsu Co., Ltd. is the one and only company which succeeded the spirit, technique and physical condition of Dr. Tomeko Mitsui.

Started with the development of Mitsui Onnetsuki, approved as a medical device later on, we have devoted efforts to raise awareness of Mitsui Onnetsu Therapy through education.

Also, we have been developing effective method of Mitsui Onnetsuki, as well as studying thermal therapies medically and academically.

At present, we have trained 600+ Mitsui Onnetsu Therapists worldwide through our education system.

The spirit, technique and physical condition for Mitsui Onnetsu will be handed on by these therapists.

And we have been facing our precious customers one by one with the utmost respect, and we will carry on this hospitality spirit also.

We will continue to be the one and only company.

From left to right,Chairman of the Board Yukie Takagi and CEO Yuko Takita



Company name:
Mitsui Onnetsu Co., Ltd.

Yukie Takagi, Chairman of the Board
Yuko Takita, CEO

November 1, 1996


Business details:
Sales and distribution of medical/health-care devices
Management of Mitsui Onnetsu Therapy School
Planning and operating events concerning holistic health

Joint studies:
Chiba University

Koji Nagai, Director
Takashi Takita, Director

Head office:
Hiyoshidai 3-36-1, Tomisato, Chiba
286-0201, Japan

TEL:+81 476 37 8771
FAX:+81 476 37 8774